Your APP

In Parsenet we have extensive experience in the development of APP. We can either adapt one of our existing APPs to the needs of your business or build from scratch the fully customized JPA you need.

APPs management, communication, play and leisure, … all fields of development analyzes our technical department and our development we adapt your brand for you to get the communication objectives and loyalty with your customers you need.

APPs management, communication, play and leisure, whatever your business need, our technical department can develop or adapt an APP to your brand to meet communication objectives and build customer loyalty.

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What is APP?

An app is a software application that is installed on mobile devices or tablets to help the user in a particular work, either commercial or for entertainment.

The objective of an app is to make everyday tasks easier.

Our APPs

  • Native code applications IOS, Android, Windows Phone 
  • High quality graphical interface 
  • Optimized navigation 
  • Scalability, flexibility and high performance

Why APP?

In Spain there are nearly 55 million mobile lines (Data from 2013) of which over 70% are smartphones.

A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers more features than a common mobile phone. This is because of a pocket computer with internet connection and bidirectional data transfer.

One of the most important features of almost all smartphones is that they allow the installation of programs (APPs) to increase data processing and connectivity. These applications can be developed by the manufacturer of the device, the operator or by a third party.