An app for the horse world

Did you ever dream about having an app that offered you the opportunity to have so much information in so little space? Here it is, on smartphone or tablet.

The app “Everything for my horse” is designed for those for whom the horse world is a passion or a particular hobby.

This application offers a world of utilities, organizing all the information about your pets related to their care, diseases, food, and equipment. You will receive notifications about events and competitions in progress and any relevant information from the various federations.

  • Application available for tablets and phones with IOS and android operating system. 
  • Very easy to use application using the navigation menu. 
  • You can consult at any time your database and geolocator for horses. 
  • Pocket Library to consult about all breeds of horses. 
  • Practical application for commercial purposes, and you have complete profiles of your horses, weight, photo, food, etc.

With this application you will be informed at all times of the key aspects of the horse world.

Geolocation: You can make a complete record of your horses and locate them using google maps.

Social networks: You can share on Facebook and Twitter everything about your horse.

Value added services such as “Weather” and “QR reader code” make this application even more useful and fun at the same time.

Access to online shop: By app you will have access to purchase any of the products necessary for the development of your favorite hobby.