Maximising retail space in the smallest space possible for the client:

Your Mobile Phone

A tool for your brand

Given that almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone, you will have a strategic advantage over the competition if you have a direct communication channel with customers and potential customers.

This tool encourages customers to go to the supermarket IFA, not the competition. Its position on the “short list” of supermarket brands will influence whether, when a search is made, IFA is the first choice. Customers can research product specifications, locate the nearest IFA, and find out about complementary products and facilities, all from their smartphone.

Channel customer communication

Traditionally it is a physical card that identifies the client. After each purchase points are accumulated, which can be redeemed over a period of time determined by “gift vouchers” (money purchase), discounts or prizes. The information gained about customer classification and behavior is used to redirect brand strategy at both “micro” and “macro” level.

Channel customer communication

APP in the pocket of a customer is a powerful channel of communication. It can establish their tastes, or their usual shopping, and IFA can let the customer know in real time:

  • General offers and promotions from the usual products purchase.
  • Specials to the client: Birthday card, gifts, discounts, etc …
  • “Lifetime Points” for purchases.
  • New retail outlets close to your home.
  • Brand information.
  • Consultations, incidents, …
Customer Loyalty

The System and Customer Loyalty Plan is a powerful way to incentivize customers to buy. It analyzes the monthly purchases of each client and proposes spending targets involving an incremental pace for the customer. It is a “reward” for “use”, given that we know perfectly the profile and tastes of each customer brand.