Get to the heart of your customer with your own radio channel

Your radio channel
entertains, informs and stimulates.

Over 200 companies in Europe have decided to create a special radio, a radio capable of communicating, excite and to directly reach the heart of the customer. For all this and much more is born iRadio Parse.


“The store Radio communication is an alternative to traditional media with the aim to entertain and stimulate the purchase and consumption.”
 J. V. Dijk, The Network Society: Social Aspects of NEW MEDIA.


  • Communication and customer contact 
  • Direct business information 
  • Welcome 
  • Impulse buying 
  • Innovative image

You will not go unnoticed

We differentiate ourselves by our creativity. A team of editors, specialists in trends and tastes of the market, will take care of everything from text to the choice of music, to draw the attention of your listeners and encourage purchases.

With iRadioParse customers need not worry about having CDs or music files that are not genuine and they do not hear advertisements from competitors.

It’s very easy!

To listen to Radio, just connect the decoder iRadioParse to an ADSL network and speaker system.

The service includes:
  • The decoder and technical assistance 
  • Broadcast live streaming 
  • Updated daily music 
  • Live News Service and programs updated in real time 
  • Management of communications to the customer