An app for insurance brokers

Our App for mobiles and tablets will be your best ally to attract and retain customers.

The app “INTEGRASEG” is developed to be your direct communication channel with customers, saving calls, paperwork, waiting, because everything works in real time and digitally. Customers will value the speed of service provided when you can manage their policy from your mobile phone. Your business will be more competitive as a result.

  • Application available for tablets and phones with IOS and android operating system.
  • Extremely simple and intuitive interface.
  • Report data and accident reports from a very simple and powerful interface.
  • The customer can consult at any time all insurance policies and their policies, details and data.
  • Shipping deals and punctual promotions.

The application allows your insured can watch online your insurance program and display ordered by classes, consult the policies, general conditioned, private and special, receipts conditions, including all claims prosecution history.

Communication Channel

You can interact with your customers immediately, directly, custom or bulk. Your customers can communicate claims completely, even complete and sign the declaration of the bouquet friendly cars.

They may also consult you doubt their contracts, receipts, claims, request changes or modification of data. THESE APPLICATIONS NEVER modify the DB. ALWAYS BE NECESSARY VALIDATION OF AN EMPLOYEE OF THE BROKER.

Whenever a tramitador makes a sinister management application sends a “Push” the insured informing him that there has been a novelty in his sinister and every time you enter the application will pass the part of special offers bouquets that no has contracted with your brokerage.

You can also send manea configurable notifications of maturities, bill payment, or any other action you want to share with your policyholders.

Sales Channel

The application is designed to permanently display offers and promotions from those branches that the customer has not contracted with your broker, thereby discriminating individually services that your client if you have not hired to “disturb” Customer promoting services already have.

For this, the application detects that your client ramos has not hired you and shows you a permanent or ad hoc offer. The standing offer is displayed on the screen of global position when no policies contracted in a bouquet link to the website of your brokerage, where your customer can find the content of this promotion is presented.

Timely supply can be set to the home screen of the application in the escape PROMOTIONS.
Another utility that gives you the app is launching massive campaigns to all your customers, or a large group of them, by sending a message “Push”.